Retreat Options

Retreat Options

During your stay at Llannerchwen you could choose to experience:

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Solitude Self-Catering
is an individual private retreat available from two nights up to several months. (Please contact the office for any stay longer than 2 weeks.) At Llannerchwen we specialise not just on silence, but also on solitude, and our accommodation is designed to safeguard it. Each cabin has a separate entry, so it is possible to have a quiet time at Llannerchwen in a true eremitic (‘alone’) style even when not staying in one of our isolated hermitages.

Since each en-suite room is fully equipped for self-catering, we do not offer meals for this type of retreat. There are no communal activities, save an optional half-hour silent prayer in the Chapel (5.30-6pm). There is, however, an option to arrange occasional spiritual accompaniment with one of the resident team should this be helpful. These sessions, lasting about 45min, are an opportunity to talk over what has been happening during the days and in prayer.

In an Individually Guided Retreat (often called an IGR) a time is set aside each day to meet with your personal retreat guide. These meetings are an opportunity to talk over what has been happening for you during the day particularly during your times of prayer. After listening to whatever you wish to share your guide may suggest some scripture or other text to use as a base or backdrop for your prayer until your next meeting.

Sometimes you might not want to be in total solitude nor to meet with a retreat guide each day for an IGR. In this - case mostly at a time outside of those set aside for IGR’s - you can ask for Occasional Accompaniment which usually means one or two sessions with a retreat guide – e.g. at the beginning and end of your stay. These would be arranged when mutually convenient for guide and retreatant.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola in Parts (or in 30 days) are made at Llannerchwen in silence and solitude. Retreatants stay in individual cabins or hermitages and there is no communal activity. However, each retreatant is guided and supported through a daily meeting with their own retreat director. An optional silent prayer is available to all in the evenings in a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament, but there are no liturgies or meals in common. The Exercises are completed under the personal guidance of a retreat director over three intervals of retreat (i.e., 3 x 8 full days booked during any of the scheduled retreat) or in 30 days (available only in February-beginning of March).
Modern living can make us all very unaccustomed to silence and stillness. The demands of daily life can make it hard to set aside time to think about our lives and our relationship with God.

A retreat is an extended period of quiet prayer and reflection which can last a few days or longer.  In the quiet time of a retreat we can be helped to become aware of our feelings, moods and inner reactions so that we can get in touch with what we really desire from God and what God might desire for us.

Silence is a way of respecting the ‘sacred space’ of each other, enabling one another to discover what God might be saying to us in our own time and at our own pace.

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