Guidelines for Suggested Donations for 2020

Retreat Options
As a charitable incorporated organisation we are not permitted to set charges.

The following are therefore guidelines to help you to decide how much you are able to offer. We are very grateful for your offerings, which help towards covering the costs of our ministry at Llannerchwen and keep this unique place running.

If you are kindly able to offer more, this will help to defray the costs of those unable to offer as much. Many thanks.
DescriptionSuggested Donation £
Self Catering Retreat per Night35
Spiritual Direction per Session35
8 Day Individually Guided Retreat with daily spiritual direction475
8 Day IGR with cooked lunch555
1 Day Cooked Lunch8
Spiritual Exercises Per Part595
Spiritual Exercises Per Part with cooked lunch675
Full Spiritual Exercises self catering1800
Non Residential Day of Prayer35
Spiritual Direction per Session35
Non-refundable Deposit for Private Self Catering Retreats50
Non-refundable Deposit for Full Spiritual Exercises180

If staying for fewer days, the suggested donation includes: x nights x £35 + £10 per cooked meal + £20-35 per session of Spiritual Direction (at your discretion). The £50 deposit sent when booking (or the £180 after an interview) can be deducted from the total donation. Please note PayPal charges us extra per deposit transaction, which they keep. The PayPal transaction amount is therefore adjusted accordingly. You can also send us a cheque or make a direct transfer (details available on request). Please also note that Llannerchwen is not staffed 24/7.
Please make all cheques payable to:
‘Society of the Sacred Heart’
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